Porter Paints

Professional Results
100% acrylic formula with professional with excellent durability and adhesion.
Mildew Resistant
Excellent hiding and properties with rugged mildew resistant coating.
Hues That Excite
Dazzling colors in flat, satin and semi-gloss sheens.
Long Lasting
Professional 100% acrylic, high adhesion paint that lasts and lasts.
Lifetime Warranty
Backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
Superior Protection
Resists mildew, dirt, rust, tannins, fading and surface leaching.
High Quality
Professional user friendly wall paint with phenomenal uniformity and coverage.
Superior Hiding
Non yellowing, superior hiding properties make Hi Hide superb for residential applications.
Excellent Uniformity
Gorgeous uniformity that's both washable and spatter resistant.
Premium Finish
Premium long lasting 100% acrylic exterior finish .
Absolute Protection
Protects against harmful UV rays, dirt, moisture, tannins, mildew, even algae.
Lifetime Warranty
Backed by PPG's limited lifetime warranty against cracking, flaking or peeling.


PPG Manor Hall
Premium Coverage
Top quality premium latex paint developed to resist household stains.
High Quality Protection
Superior stain and mildew resistant coating provides maximum durability for high traffic areas.
Beautiful Finish
Superior coverage and hiding for a smooth, beautiful finish .
PPG Speed Hide
Professional Zero-VOC Vinyl
Zero-VOC, low odor paint ideal for painting occupied spaces.
Extraordinary anti-microbial properties that resist mold and mildew stains.
Durable Finish
Uniform interior finish designed to last for years.
PPG Sun Proof
Tough Durabiltiy
Formulated to meet the toughest durability requirements for residential and commercial applications.
Mildew Resistant
Resists dirt and mildew with phenomenal adhesion.
Perfect for All Applications
Can be used on previously painted siding, doors, trim and windows in temperatures as low as 35 degrees.
PPG Seal Grip
Premium Primer
High quality acrylic primer formulated to meet the rigorous requirements of residential and commercial interior and exterior painting.
Stain Blocker
Blocks water, smoke, ink, markers and tannin.
Exceptional Adhesion
Outstanding primer for interior or exterior wood, masonry, plaster, wallboard, cement, brick, stucco, cement composition board and aluminum.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams A-100
Proven Performance
Exemplary hide, adhesion and color retention.
15-Year Warranty
Backed by a limited 15 year manufacturer's warranty.
Wide Selection of Colors
Wide spectrum of colors in flat, satin, gloss and low sheen.
Sherwin Williams ProMar 200
Zero VOC
Complete professional line with zero VOCs that meets MPI certification.
Every Imaginable Color
Available in flat, gloss, low gloss, low sheen, egg shell, semi gloss and every imaginable color.
Exceptional Durability
Delivers maximum productivity and long lasting durability.
Sherwin Williams Super Paint
Rugged Durability
Excellent durability for the toughest interior residential or commercial projects.
Beautiful Appearance
Premium application appearance with enhanced hiding properties and consistent colors.
Choose Popular Sheens
Choose from flat, satin, velvet or semi gloss sheens.